Victor Adrian
Dr. Victor Adrian
Appears in
Episodes 3
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Groups Researchers
Actor Julian Casey


Dr. Victor Adrian is a researcher at Arctic BioSystems. He does research in Cryotherapy on Level G.[1]


Arctic BioSystemsEdit

Day 6Edit

After Alan Farragut and Sarah Jordan discover new information about the virus, Alan approaches Dr. Adrian for help. Dr. Adrian agrees, but asks for several requests in return for his services.

Day 9Edit

Dr. Adrian helps immobilize one vector but points out that he does not have enough gas to do them all. After the mission to destroy the NARVIK viruses fails because the viruses were not on Level X, Adrian places a container of NARVIK-A in a bag and leaves Arctic BioSystems.[2]

Echelon StationEdit

Day 10Edit

Adrian is found at the remote Echelon Station by Julia Walker and Alan Farragut. He is attempting to call for assistance. When interrupted, he tries to kill both Julia and Alan. After they subdue him and tie him to a chair, he tries to manipulate Julia with comment about Sarah Jordan. The Ilaria Corporation sniper shoots him dead.[3]


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