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Mentioned in "274"
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Groups Researchers
Actor Leni Parker


Dr. Tracey was an assistant researcher at Arctic BioSystems.[1] According to the file that Alan Farragut viewed, she was Canadian and was a part of the Epidemiology department.


Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 2[]

Dr. Tracey was identified as one of the staff members who was in the sun room when Peter Farragut attacked the occupants. She and two others ran. She later appeared while Doreen was performing the post-mortem on the monkey Sergio had killed. Tracey spoke in a confused way and referred to herself as "we" and "us." She doubted Doreen's identity and claimed she did not want to be forced to the White Room, like Dr. Hvit. When Doreen promised Tracey she would help get her onto a helicopter, Tracey accused her again of being a liar. Tracey said they had created a perfect weapon but had lost control of the virus. Doreen tries to escape but Tracey blocks and pushes her to the floor. Trace spits black mucus. She asks for help before collapsing. Doreen brings her to the lab where Julia and Sarah are working. Together, they take Tracey to isolation.[1]

Day 3[]

Sarah uses some of Tracey's blood in her development of a test for the virus in humans.[2]


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