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Mentioned in "Aniqatiga"
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Groups Researchers
Actor Tamara Brown


Dr. Sulemani was a researcher specializing in Biochemistry at Arctic BioSystems.[1]


Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 2[]

Sulemani and five other scientists are attacked by Peter Farragut in the sun room. Three of the scientists run. Sulemani tells Bryce, who is the most vocal about being held in isolation, to relax. She, Dr. Haven and Dr. Bryce later assault Sarah and Doreen and flee.[1]

Day 3[]

Sulemani approaches a group that includes Alan Farragut, Hiroshi Hatake and Daniel Aerov. She pauses and asks for help. When she steps forward again, Daniel shoots her in her abdomen. Alan saves her life with Hiroshi's help. Both she and Dr. Bryce are moved into isolation. After the containment area is established on Level R, Daniel goes to move Sulemani and Bryce. Suleman breaks out, leaving a murdered Bryce behind her. A panic ensues. Daniel loses his pistol. Sulemani charges toward Julia Walker; Alan picks up Daniel's weapon and shoots her to death.[2]


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