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Spencer Chissik
The Scythe.jpg
Appears in
Relationships Constance Sutton - Mother
Blake - Lover
Status Alive
Gender Male
Groups Immortals
Ilaria Corporation
Actor Robert Naylor

He's the worst of us.

Spencer "The Scythe" Chissik is an Immortal, and the son of Constance Sutton.

Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 11

Spencer arrived at Arctic BioSystems In Tow With two assistants, Blake and Thea, as part of a team sent to retrieve Constance Sutton. He immediately killed all the researchers he encountered in an elevator.

Day 12

Spencer Plays Mind Games In And Around The Base.

Day 13

After being released by Peter, he blows the base and takes Julia hostage, talking about historical "witch hunts" as a sort of reasoning for his hatred of non-immortal humans.

As he makes his escape to an awaiting helicopter, Meanwhile, Peter, Sarah, Alan & Dr. Haven Are Trapped In The Base.

Spencer Completes His Mission.