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Sister Amy
Sister Amy.jpg
Appears in "San Jose"
Episodes 7
Relationships Brother Michael, father/grandfather/great-grandfather
Sister Agnes, grandmother
Sister Anne, mother
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Groups Cult
Actor Alison Louder


Sister Amy is the daughter of Brother Michael and Sister Anne and the granddaughter of Sister Agnes. She is manipulative and dangerous using the lure of sex to get men to do what she wants. In the beginning she wants to leave the island and works to make Michael weak so she can escape. However, after she discovers that Sarah is an immortal she is consumed with the desire to become immortal herself.

She attempts to seduce Kyle almost immediately and keeps Landry under her thumb in exchange for sexual favors.

She has Landry take Soren outside the compound where he was taken by the infected of the island. In an attempt go get the CDC to leave the island she drugged the children then had them viciously attack Kyle.

When the honey was found to be the source of the contagion she kept a jar for herself because she wanted more people sick in the hope of making her father, Michael, weak so that she could escape the island. She had Landry lace berries that were served at her grandmother's, Agnes, funeral with the honey causing dozens of people to become infected. She then released Soren's mother so she could kill Sarah. When she realized that her own mother would discover that she laced the berries she set her up by placing the jar of honey in her mother's cape. Her mother is taken and placed in the hole with Peter.

After learning that Sarah is an immortal and is pregnant she has Landry drug Alan then forces him to kidnap Sarah so that he could remove Sarah's baby from her womb. Amy believes that the baby is the key to immortality.


Family Tree[]

Brother Michael
Sister Agnes
Sister Anne
Sister Amy


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