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The second season of Helix ran from January 16th to April 10th, 2015 on Syfy in the US, and on Showcase in Canada.

Set roughly 15 months after the events of the previous season, this season follows the surviving members of the original CDC team as they investigate a new viral outbreak on the remote island of St. Germain. While there, they stumble upon an age old cult lead by an enigmatic man known as Brother Michael.

The events of this season take place over the course of 14 days, as well as several "flash-forwards" of the island 30 years into the future.

Season Overview[]

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* Characters appear as hallucinations only.


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No. Image Title Airdate
1 San Jose.jpg "San Jose" January 16, 2015
Day 1: Peter, Sarah and Dr. Kyle Sommer travel to a Northern Pacific island where a new disease has broken out. They are taken to a base for their safety, which is led by Brother Michael. Meanwhile, Julia travels to the same island and is captured.
2 S02E02.png "Reunion" January 23, 2015
Day 2: As the CDC team continues to investigate the island, a sick child appears. After the child’s miraculous healing, Jordan suspects that not all is right in the abbey. Sarah finds that Alan is one of the cults followers.
3 S02E03.png "Scion" January 30, 2015
Day 3: Sarah and Peter learn that there are infected people roaming the island. The children of the Abbey are given a plant-based drug, and they attack Kyle while under its influence. In the future, Dr. Hatake is seen to be living in a cabin on the island.
4 S02E04.png "Densho" February 6, 2015
Day 4: A worker is stung by a bee and later develops the disease. Peter contacts Balleseros at Ilaria HQ via satellite phone and asks for instructions on what to do about Alan. Sarah tries to find Soren, the child who recovered from the disease.
5 S02E05.png "Oubliette" February 13, 2015
Day 5: Determined to get answers from his brother, Peter reveals to Brother Michael that "Jerome" is actually Alan. Michael responds by imprisoning the both of them in an oubliette. Sarah is nursed back to health by Sister Agnes, who discovers her immortality.
6 S02E06.png "M. Domestica" February 20, 2015
Day 6: The Ilaria Board votes to proceed with a plan to release NARVIK-C, in order to "cleanse" the world population by 75%. Suspicious over the sudden death of Sister Agnes, Sister Amy has Landry infect several followers with the tainted honey.
7 S02E07.png "Cross Pollination" February 27, 2015
Day 7: Sarah awakens in a room underneath the Abbey, later discovering that her baby has somehow been extracted from her womb. Brother Michael begins to lose control over his followers and decides it is time to "thin the crop".
8 S02E08.png "Vade in Pace" March 6, 2015
Day 8: The Coast Guard arrives to evacuate the CDC team to a neighboring island where another mycosis outbreak has occurred, but they stay to investigate a red sap that is prolonging the life of the infected. Meanwhile, Amy takes control of the Abbey.
9 S02E09.png "Ectogenesis" March 13, 2015
Day 9: Julia and Sergio arrive on the island in the present to find Michael's method of mortal sterilization. Amy demands that Sarah grant her immortality, using her child as leverage. Kyle is captured by infected who dine on the uninfected.
10 S02E10.png "Mother" March 20, 2015
Day 10: As Kyle's condition worsens, Soren leads the team to the Bleeding Tree. At the Abbey, Amy and Sergio search for "Mother", while Anne shows Peter the full extent of Michael's gruesome breeding program.
11 S02E11.png "Plan B" March 27, 2015
Day 11: The Navy prepares to implement "Plan B", which will sterilize the island with a chemical agent that kills on contact. Julia and Sarah begin the procedure on Amy to make her an immortal. Peter and Sister Anne plan to rebuild their ravaged community.
12 S02E12.png "The Ascendant" April 3, 2015
Day 12: Peter (now known as "Eli") takes control of the Abbey, and his first order is the elimination of the CDC team. Julia and Alan discover the location of the Mother Tree, and that it has the resources to carry out the sterilization plan.
13 S02E13.png "O Brave New World" April 10, 2015
Day 13: As the rescue team arrives, Alan takes the Mother Tree samples and goes to set the source on fire. Eli, however, stands in his way. In the future, Caleb finally reveals his true identity to Julia, as well as a secret hidden from her by Alan and Hatake.



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