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Response team
Characters Sergio Balleseros
Doreen Boyle
Alan Farragut
Sarah Jordan
Julia Walker


The Response Team was an operating element of the Centers for Disease Control. A team would be an ad hoc group. It was dispatched to Arctic BioSystems after an accident report was received.

Season One[]

The Season One response team is made up of Julia Walker, Alan Farragut, Doreen Boyle, Sarah Jordan, and Sergio Balleseros (the only member who is not an employee of the CDC).

Season Two[]

The Season Two response team is made up of Peter Farragut, Sarah Jordan, and Kyle Sommer. Peter appears to have become an employee of the CDC after the events at Arctic Biosystems, which have given him extensive firsthand experience with the NARVIK virus, whereas Kyle's background is unknown. Of the three, only Sarah returns from the first season.