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Philippe Duchamp
Philippe Duchamp.jpg
Appears in
Status Deceased
Day of death Day 11
Cause of death Stabbed by the mercenaries.
Gender Male
Groups Researchers
Actor Patrick Baby


Dr. Philippe Duchamp was a researcher at Arctic BioSystems.[1]


Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 3[]

Duchamp was in one of the laboratories of ABS. Dr. Bryce was attempting to break down the door with a fire ax. Bryce claimed there was a cure called SODRA in the lab. After Bryce was disabled, Duchamp came out of his laboratory and denied the existence of SODRA.[1]

Day 4[]

Duchamp assisted Alan Farragut with his care for his brother Peter Farragut. He provided the SODRA, the existence of which he had previously denied, to attempt to cure Peter of the viral infection.[2]

Day 5[]

Day 11[]

Duchamp helped with the treatment of Sarah, after he noted the disappearance of certain crew, he was sent to the bunker, where he was infected with the disease by the Vectors under Peter's management. After he was revived, the mercenaries killed him, along with the other survivors, while going down to join Julia, Alan, Hatake, Daniel and Sarah.[3]

Key Notes[]

Dr. Philippe Duchamp's Calendar.


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