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Sister Olivia.jpg
Episodes 7
Relationships Soren - Son
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Gender Female
Groups Cult
Actor Sarah Booth

Sister Olivia is a member of the cult and mother of Soren.


Day 2[]

Sister Olivia's son, Soren, interrupts Brother Michael's service looking for his mother. When he finds her, he attacks her until Alan Farragut, disguised as Brother Jerome, pulls hims away.

Sister Olivia asks Peter Farragut about Soren. Peter attempts to interview Sister Olivia about Soren, but, with Sister Anne looking on, Sister Olivia is nervous and uncooperative.

Day 4[]

Sarah makes several attempts to gain Sister Olivia's help in finding Soren, going so far as to find a stuffed bear that looked like Soren's, but Sister Olivia rebuffs her and, when presented with the bear, stabs her.

Day 6[]

Sister Amy brings an imprisoned Sister Olivia some fruit and tells Sister Olivia about the newly infected and that the CDC scientists are rounding them all up. Sister Olivia accuses the scientists of killing Soren and complains that she shouldn't have been punished because stabbing Sarah was the right thing to do. Sister Amy says that she wishes that someone would do something about the scientists and leaves, leaving the door open. Sister Olivia escapes and begins inciting other cultists to release the sedated infected, regardless of the scientists' warnings that the infected will become violent when the sedative wears off.

Day 7[]

Sister Olivia is seen tending to the infected in an underground room as the sedatives begin to wear off.

Day 9[]

Sister Olivia is seen with a handful of cult survivors. listening to Sister Anne's sermon. When Sister Amy interrupts the sermon, Sister Olivia is the first to embrace and side with her.