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"M. Domestica"
Episode Information
Season 2
Episode 6
Air Date February 20, 2015
Viewers .47 million[1]
Writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director Grant Harvey
Episode Cast
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Next Cross Pollination
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"M. Domestica" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Helix. It originally aired on February 20th, 2015 (10:00PM EST) on Syfy in the US, and on Showcase in Canada.


The Ilaria Board votes to proceed with a plan to release NARVIK-C, in order to "cleanse" the world population by 75%. Suspicious over the sudden death of Sister Agnes, Sister Amy has Landry infect several followers with the tainted honey.

Episode Overview[]


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Cast and Crew[]

Helix Episode Cast

2.6 - "M. Domestica"


Billy Campbell as Alan Farragut
Kyra Zagorsky as Julia Walker
Matt Long as Kyle Sommer
Mark Ghanimé as Sergio Balleseros

Guest Starring

Jordan Hayes as Sarah Jordan
Neil Napier as Peter Farragut
Luciana Carro as Anana*
Alison Louder as Sister Amy
Severn Thompson as Sister Anne
Clare Coulter as Sister Agnes
Sean Tucker as Landry
Deena Aziz as Claire Wallenberg
Steven Weber as Brother Michael


Sarah Booth as Sister Olivia
Arthur Holden as Dr. Pozniak
Alexandra Sicard as Mile Durant
Ian Geldart as Rob
Erica Anderson as Grace
Lenie Scoffie as Old Woman
Elizabeth Neale as Female Follower
Leyda Aleyli as Female Mycotic
AJ Risi as Male Follower
Chris O'Bray as Infected Brawler**

* Characters who are credited but did not actually appear in the episode.
** Characters who appeared in the episode, but were not credited.

Production Notes[]

  • For some reason, Luciana Carro (Anana) is credited as a guest in this episode, even though she neither appears nor is mentioned.


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