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Appears in "San Jose"
Episodes 7
Relationships Brother Michael, father/grandfather/great-grandfather
Sister Agnes, grandmother
Sister Anne, mother
Sister Amy, sister/lover
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Groups Cult
Actor Sean Tucker


Landry was a member of Brother Michael's cult. He appeared to have feelings for Sister Amy, and was loyal to both Brother Michael and Sister Amy, before ultimately choosing to side with Sister Amy as he has feelings for her.

St. Germain[]

Day 3[]

Landry and Sister Amy are having some "fun". Landry is disappointed to learn that there is no "Landry and Amy".

Day 6[]

Landry tells Sister Amy that Brother Michael wants him to find out where the contaminated honey came from. He is told by her that he needs to follow her if he wants more "fun". Landry finally chooses sides and brings Brother Michael to Anne's locker which ha a jar of the contaminated honey, making Sister Amy happy.

Day 8[]

Landry helps Sister Amy and the rest of the surviving cult to "build an altar to Michael" that will be he leader's grave.

Day 9[]

Landry stands and watches Sister Amy do a spinal tap on Sarah Jordan. Upon her worries of being poisoned, Landry volunteers to go first. If he is poisoned then he dies, however if the procedure works, then he gets to live forever with Sister Amy, telling her that they can be together forever. Landry receives one of the two syringes (not sure which one) and upon asking if it worked he appears to have a seizure.

Day 10[]

Landry survives the seizure but his entire body has become bloated and distorted. He is unable to speak and Sister Amy slaps him when he won't/can't tell her where Mother is. He grabs Sarah Jordan as she tries to "correct" what happened to him. It is revealed that he is Sister Anne's son, making Sister Amy his actual sister.


  • Landry is Sister Anne's son
  • Landry is one of three people who know Mother's location, the other two being Sister Anne and Brother Michael.
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