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For the real person, see Jane Walker.
Appears in
Mentioned in "Aniqatiga"
"Level X"
Episodes 2
Relationships Hiroshi Hatake, lover
Julia Walker, daughter
Status Imaginary
Gender Female
Actor Amber Goldfarb


Jaye is Julia Walker's imagination of her mother Jane being present.[1]


Day 4[]

Jaye appeared to be living in Level R for some time; she was not in the isolation room. When Julia first saw her, she was wearing a protective suit and mask and her gender was uncertain. When Julia attempted to follow Jaye, she disappeared She reappeared and rescued Julia Walker from Haven. She said she was a doctor. She was eating cheese snacks with Julia when Julia discovered her initials ("JLW") carved on a wall in her own hand.[2]

Day 5[]

Jaye suggested to Julia that she might have been to Arctic BioSystems before. Julia responded that she grew up in Montana and that a really big journey was a visit to Bozeman. Jaye addressed Julia as "Jules", a nickname she could not possibly known. When Hatake appeared, Jaye offered her jacket as a pressure bandage for his wound. Jaye became separated from Hatake and Julia; while she was not present, Hatake told a story about his daughter. Jaye reappeared when Haven was attacking and knocked Haven unconscious. She said she and Julia could talk to Hatake and he could tell them more lies about his daughter. Julia asked Jaye how she knew about the conversation she had with Hatake. Jaye told her that she was not real and that every thing Julia thought Jaye had done Julia had actually done herself.[1]


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