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Ilaria Corporation
Ilaria Corporation
Appears "Dans L'ombre"
"M. Domestica"
Referenced "Pilot"
"Survivor Zero"
Characters Claire Wallenberg, Executive Director (aka as top leader of the Ilaria organization)
Constance Sutton, COO (aka overseer of Ilaria's secret operations
Julia Walker, Board Member/Director
Klein, Security Branch, lieutenant
Sergio Balleseros, secret agent
Spencer Chissik, top assassin of Ilaria
Peter Farragut, secret agent
Brother Michael, rogue member
Sarah Jordan, Birth Doctor (obstetrician, in far future)
Comments Sister Amy


Ilaria Corporation owned and operated Arctic BioSystems, where an accident occurred.

"We at Ilaria are committed to applying science and our global resources to improving the health and well-being of people around the world."[1]

Ilaria is comprised of five hundred immortals who run the coporation and carry out its work. The corporation was allegedly created by Dr. Hiroshi Hitake along with several other essential figureheads. It is later revealed that Ilaria Corporation's COO Constance Sutton kidnapped Hitake's wife to force him create Narvik virus. Sutton wanted also get rid of Hitake after virus and and antivirus were ready and sent Sergio Balleseros to spy him to get evidence's that Hitake had betrayed Ilaria Corporation.

They want to spread the Narvik virus into the population in order to control the human population, killing off approximately 75%. They talked solution to world's problem like overpopulation, pollution, and climate control as reasons for the human genocide. Their methods were brutal, but well needed.

However eventually Ilaria decided instead of Narvik virus use Mother fungus that they found by accident to control human procreation. Later in revenge Alan and Julia's father created TXM-7 biological weapon that was able to kill Immortals. TXM-7 was based on Hiroshi Hatake formula that he had development in secret. Hatake created that formula as weapon to kill Immortals as his black plan. Hatake's formula's DNA code was hidden in Hatake's sword and Ilaria never knew about it.

They are Infiltrated every major country in the world and control all those countries and their most important agencies. Organization's secret top leader is Claire Wallenberg, whose official position in Ilaria Corporation is Executive Director.



Day 1[]

Doreen Boyle referred to Ilaria as "big pharma."

Day 7[]

Several characters referred to the corporation by it's name.