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Appears in
Episodes 5
Status Deceased
Day of death Day 13
Cause of death Explosion
Gender Male
Groups Researchers
Actor Chimwemwe Dave Miller


Dr. Haven was a researcher at Arctic BioSystems.[1]


Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 2[]

Haven and five other scientists are attacked by Peter Farragut in the sun room. Three of the scientists run. Haven appears to be exhibiting the most symptoms out of the scientists in isolation. Later on, he fakes a seizure, allowing him, Dr. Bryce, and Dr. Sulemani escape.[1]

Day 4[]

Haven made his way to Level R but was not in the area with the isolated members of the staff. Julia Walker saw Haven and ran. He chased her and she was saved by Jaye. While Jaye and Julia are slamming a steel door to keep Haven out of their safe room, he suffered a compound fracture to his right forearm. The fracture did not seem to bother him. Haven later encountered Hiroshi Hatake in the hall. Hatake stared at Haven and Haven stepped aside.[2]

Day 5[]

Haven chased Hiroshi Hatake and Julia Walker in a tunnel on Level R.[3]

Day 12[]

Day 13[]

Dr Haven wanted to apologise to Sarah for his behaviour, so he decided with her to go back to his own upstairs lab and run some tests on her blood, He tells her that he's seeing high levels of Beta CHG in her bloodstream, which is common in cancer patients, but at the end of the episode he informs her that she is infact pregnant.


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