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Durant is an Immortal who has the appearance of a 10 year old girl. She lives in Paris and speaks with a heavy French accent. She chooses to wear sunglasses instead of contacts and does not hide her eyes like other immortals. It is revealed in a video from Access Granted that she is very rich; being able to buy planes, traveling from Miami to Los Angeles, buying condos and even goes to Immortal-Exclusive Clubs.

Day 6[]

Durant meets up with Julia Walker and tells her how there are other immortals who do not wish to create a Human Genocide. That there are other Immortals who are working on less lethal ways to lower the human population. Durant speaks of one such Immortal named Michael who has genetically altered apple trees to make men infertile and that Michael is the only man who can produce any offspring.

Day 7[]

Durant tells Julia the "tragic" backstory of Brother Michael.