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Appears in "Vector"
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Groups Researchers
Actor Al Goulem


Dr. Bryce was a researcher specializing in Hematology at Arctic BioSystems.[1] According to a video application sent to ABS, Dr. Bryce received his Bachelor's at the University of California, Davis in Comparative Religion. He then attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco before doing his residency at the University of Washington, Seattle. Since then, he served as an associate professor at UW Seattle.


Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 2[]

Bryce and five other scientists are attacked by Peter Farragut in the sun room. Three of the scientists run. Bryce is the most vocal about being held in isolation. He, Dr. Haven and Dr. Sulemani assault Sarah and Doreen and flee.[1]

Day 3[]

Bryce was captured while he was trying in break into a laboratory to which he did not have access. He claimed to Alan Farragut that's the people in that laboratory had a cure. He and Sulemani were isolated on Level R. When Daniel Aerov went to move both to the general holding area, Sulemani broke out, leaving a murdered Bryce behind her.[2]


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