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Arctic BioSystems
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Arctic BioSystems, owned by Ilaria Corporation, was a research facility located in the Arctic. It was the location of an unknown accident. It was destroyed on Day 13.



  • Energy Generation:
    • Solar Thermal Energy Collector - Reflects heat radiation from the Sun to a central tower via mirrors.
    • Wind Turbines - Pressures from the wind move the blades, rotating magnets around copper coils (or visa versa, creating alternating currents (AC).
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Surface Parameter Detectors (over 100 feet)
    • Head Storage (Dr. Hvit, Constance Sutton, and, though not a head, Narvik Virus)
    • The base originally had 1 hour of satellite time each day, until this avenue of communication was destroyed by Sergio Balleseros.


  • Animals:
    • Rats (Narvik Virus test subjects.)
    • Monkeys (Population completely infected with Narvik Virus. Fled from Arctic BioSystems. Frozen on the surface a distance outside of the facility, then burned as a means to hide facts.)


  • Haematologist


  • One hundred and six scientists from thirty-five countries.
  • Fifteen support staff.
  • Multi-level facility, mostly underground.
    • Level A: Presumed arrival level.
    • Level B: Mentioned by voice in elevator.
    • Level C: Mentioned by voice in elevator.
    • Level D: Mentioned by voice in elevator.
    • Level E: Mentioned by voice in elevator.
    • Level F: Mentioned by voice in elevator; Quarantine room. Possible location of Isolation.
    • Level G: Victor Adrian's cryotherapy lab.
    • Level N: Observation Room 79; Lab Area - 2 N-68 to N-87; Door with label "BS" and corridor rooms labeled "HR".
    • Level Q: Quarters Q-01 to 0-28
    • Level R: Original research level, facilities, utilities; Vector quarantine area.
    • Level T: Transgenics Room 34 (where Doctor Doreen finds a monkey)
    • Level X: Virus Vault, self-powered; false cabin that was Julia's childhood vacation home.