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Appears in
Episodes 7
Relationships Toluk, brother
Miksa, brother (deceased)
Sergio Balleseros, lover
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Groups Inuit
Actor Luciana Carro


Anana, whose last name may be Ashoona,[1] is a law enforcement officer. Her agency is not specified.


Inuit Village[]

Day 6[]

Anana arrested Sergio Balleseros and held him at her residence in the Inuit Village somewhere near Arctic BioSystems. She told him she wanted to know about the missing children. After Balleseros saw a man that looked like Daniel Aerov, she told him that the man was her brother Toluk, one of two twins, and that their brother Miksa had vanished at age four.[2]

Arctic BioSystems[]

Day 7[]

Day 8[]

Inuit Village[]

Day 9[]

Day 10[]

Day 12

Day 13[]


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